Wedding photography in maui

Wedding photography in maui

Sure it’s okay to bring your own video camera to your Dream Destination Wedding; however before you assign a beloved to be stuck watching your entire Dream Wedding through the camera’s small peep-hole… think about It!

More often than not, that beloved is not an expert and will not even get the thing turned on and recording, I’ve also seen various times the battery dies out or the memory chip runs out of space into the Ceremony.

The times the video is recorded, the small microphones designed into most camcorders, iPhones or tablets cannot clearly obtain the softly spoken personal, heartfelt vows unless the camera is placed very near to the Ceremony that also spoils the otherwise fabulous High Resolution still shots being taken.

Most couples tend to talk their heartfelt Vows in a very soft intimate voice, therefore using a attachable Wireless microphone ensures the best clarity while the Minister’s Ceremony, conch Shell Blessing, Flute Blessings & the tremendous sound of the ocean is picked up absolutely with an Audiophile quality microphone. We highly suggest covering up this mic or any other obtrusive gear that has to be placed within the Ceremony view with a mixture of tropical flowers & foliage.

Also think about whether you would wish to have your otherwise grand professional photos of the darling wedding couple with the priceless Destination Island views sort of ‘compromised’ by having a bevy of camera toting guests within the picture!

Oh sure, it’s cute to own aunty Eagle-Eye working  a tablet video camera only to be forever captured as a headless wedding embodiment… simply an iPad with a body in each image at almost each camera angle - this can be highly distracting. Hire an expert wedding videographer and let all of your beloved ones enjoy your Destination Dream Wedding on the Beach… and obtain better still shot photography as well!

It’s fine to own a beloved shoot video, however they have to become more of a ‘Camera Crew’ & less of a guest in attendance. They’ll need to coordinate their shots with the skilled photographer - this way they both get great shots.

If you hire an expert photographer that is there to capture each emotion and provide lots photos there’s no need for a gorgeous wedding party to morph into a presidential press release event; simply check that your photographer are shooting and providing ‘many to all’ the images taken to include something for everybody. Plus, most technically hip photographers provide to post the highlights on Facebook right away thus this could pay attention of everyone within the wedding trying to take their own photos to post on Facebook.

If you’ll be having a Destination Wedding think about coming to Maui, our Tropical Island Beach Weddings are great all year long. Contact the “Islandfreshphotography” for all of your Maui Destination Wedding planning wishes.

We bring our extremely technical photography, video and worldly experiences along for merely Elegant Dream Weddings on a Tropical Island